International Schools Resources – Numeracy

International Schools Resources - Numeracy
International Schools Resources - Numeracy 3
International Schools Resources - Numeracy 2

By Jennie Kerwin and Hilda Merttens

Abacus is a unique maths toolkit for inspiring a love of maths and ensuring progression for every child. Written by an expert author team, it has been carefully crafted on a robust approach to creating inspired and confident young mathematicians. It gives you freedom when you want it and structure when you need it.

  • An online world for children filled with lively and exciting maths games and rewards that your digital-savvy kids will love.
  • Textbooks and workbooks for independent practice, designed to capture children’s interest and inspire a genuine love of maths.
  • Progress and Assess tests (incl. end-of-year tests), and clever assessment tools to track children’s attainment and their progress towards Age Related Expectations.
  • Mastery checkpoint workbooks that support the online mastery checkpoints activities and include space for children to make notes, write their answers and show their workings.
  • Professional Development videos to nurture your confidence in teaching for mastery.

Three key principles underpinning Abacus:

  • Understanding – that children need a robust understanding and secure foundation in maths to develop: – conceptual understanding – numerical fluency – problem-solving skills and – mathematical confidence.
  • Progression – to ensure every child can move on, Abacus is built on a series of detailed progression ladders. These form the backbone to Abacus.
  • Control – We never forget that teachers are the experts when it comes to knowing their class. So we’ve built Abacus to give you flexibility – offering structure when you want it, and freedom when you choose it.

International Schools Resources – Literacy

International Schools Resources (Literacy) 2
International Schools Resources (Literacy) 3
International Schools Resources (Literacy)

By Angela Burt (Author)

Part of three separate series, focusing on comprehension, spelling and grammar to help focus teaching on the skills the children most need to improve. All three series offer comprehensive support for assessment and marking.

International Schools Resources – Science

International Schools Resources (Science)
International Schools Resources (Science) 2
International Schools Resources (Science) 3

By (author)  John Stringer , By (author)  Deborah Herridge

Heinemann Explore Science is a comprehensive, easy‑to‑use, six‑level science programme, designed specifically for teachers and students at International schools studying the Cambridge International Examinations Primary Science Curriculum Framework.

  • 36 Science Readers (6 for each of the 6 Grades) which provide background science reading on science topics.  International focus with contexts, examples and activities relating to international schools.
  • Support for English as a Second Language (ESL) students with language levels in the Students Books and Readers monitored at every stage by an ESL consultant.

Good to know

  • All you need to plan and teach a science course.
  • Fully aligned to the Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum Framework.
  • Suitable for English Language Learners.
  • A six‑level science Programme where each Grade includes: Student Book, Workbook, Teacher’s Book and 6 Science Readers.

For a more comprehensive list of out titles across Primary and secondary schools, please click on the link below to either view or download the brochures.