York Simplified Classics

Description: York Simplified Classics introduces readers to the richness of English Literature through the works of the world’s most famous authors. Each book captures the spirit and character of the original novel and extensive practice activities offer the reader the chance to consolidate their understanding.

Christmas Carol


Description: A Christmas carol is the story of a rich and unkind businessman called Mr Scrooge. The story happens the day before Christmas Day. When Scrooge goes home from his office, he suddenly sees a ghost. The ghost tells him that three more ghosts will visit him that night and they will teach him to be kind, especially at Christmas.

Alice Adeventure in Wonderland


Description: is an exciting story about a girl called Alice. One day, she falls down a hole and she meets many strange people and animals. There is a white rabbit who is always late, a smiling cat and a talking caterpillar. Alice also keeps growing big and then small. This brings her many problems!

The Prince and the Pauper


Description: is the story of two boys in sixteenth-century England. The boys look the same and sound the same, but one boy is a prince and the other is very poor. One day the boys meet. They decide to change clothes for one day. They think it will be fun. This is the beginning of their adventures.

The Railway Children


Description: is Edith Nesbit’s most famous book. It is the story of three children, Roberta, Phyllis and Peter. They are very happy, until one terrible day when their father has to go away. The children and their mother move toa little house in the countryside, near a railway. The three children love the railway and it becomes the centre of their lives



Description: is the story of a little girl who goes to live with her grandfather in his house high up in the mountains. Heidi grows to love her grandfather and her life in the mountains. One day, her aunt takes Heidi to live in the city. She meets her friend Clara there but is homesick for the mountains.

Robinson Crusoe


Description: is the story of a young Englishman who becomes a sailor. He has lots of adventures and travels around the world. One day his ship crashes on some rocks. Crusoe survives and has to learn many new skills to live on a small island. Is he really alone? Will he ever be able to go home?

Treasure Island


Description: tells the story of Jim Hawkins, who helps his parents at their inn. A pirate comes to stay. When the pirate dies, Jim looks at his papers and finds a map showing treasure on an island. Jim and some friends decide to go to find the treasure. However, their journey is long and dangerous and they met many more pirates.

Ten short stories from around the world


Description: is a collection of international stories, representing different cultures. Some of the stories are fictional and others are true. The real-life stories are about the lives of people who are famous throughout the world for their achievements.

Great Expectation


Description: tell the story of a poor young orphan called Pip, who is one day given the chance to make himself a rich gentleman by a secret benefactor. The story shows the differences between very wealthy and extremely poor people during the mid-nineteenth century. Pip leaves his poor family to become a gentleman in the city but slowly learns what the most important things are in life.

More tales from Shakespeare


Description:is a collection of some of the most popular stories from the plays of William Shakespeare. Charles and Mary Lamb created two sets of stories from the plays so that more people | could read and enjoy them. The first set was published in 1807 and the second set in 1809

Jane Erye


Description:is a classic English novel. The story begins when Jane Eyre is a child. After an unhappy time at school, Jane grows up and becomes a teacher. She teaches a little girl at Thornfield Hall and her employer, Mr Rochester, is kind. However, there are secrets at Thornfield Hall and Jane’s life is about to change.

Oliver Twist


Description: is one of the most famous novels by Charles Dickens. Oliver is a young boy who grows up in a home for boys with no family. The boys are hungry and miserable so Oliver decides to run away to London. But London is a dangerous place and there are many adventures waiting for Oliver.

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